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2017 SUMMER CAMP           BROCHURE       Have a QUESTION ? 


2017 SUMMER CAMP           BROCHURE      

Summer Camp session

We have the best Coaching Team in town: Head Coach: Chibing Wu ( former China National Team player, 3rd place in World Championship, 1st place in USA National. Coached Spain Olympic Team, Coached USA Olympic Team. USAB certified Level 4( National ) coach. Assistant Coaches were all formal professional badminton players: Coach Mathew Honey ( England ), Coach David Diao ( China ), Coach Atena Cheraghi ( Iran )  all have years of coaching experience with both amateurs and pros.

We have designated management and staff: We will make sure all students here receive the proper training and practice what they expect to have. By the end of the day, your kids will have enough exercise and enough physical adjustment to their bodies, on top of that, they would be able to really focus and learn an Olympic sports with the most professional coach.

Summer Camp is designed to add professional badminton flavor into kids afternoon fun!


Summer Camp session

  • STARTER CLASS - build skills from a scratch; accurate format ( posture and footwork ) from the beginning; Develop competitive spirit.
  • INTERMEDIATE CLASS - build a solid foundation for advancing to a higher level; develop the ability to participate in competitive games.
  • ADVANCED CLASS - advanced techniques; stamina and footwork; strategies.


  • Badminton Technique training:

Racquet gripping technique, Racquet swinging technique, Serving, Drop shoots, Forehand / backhand net control, back court lifting, High clear control. Footworks, overhead high clear, etc.

  • Physical strength and stamina training: 

flexibility, balance, coordination, speed, strength, stamina, sense of game control, game strategy, etc.


Summer Camp session

  • LOCATION:  New York Badminton Center ( 132-70 34th Ave. Flushing, NY 11354 )


  • CAMP LENGTH:    6/26/2017  -  8/25/2017  ( Monday to Friday )
  • CLASS PERIOD:    camper can take multiple periods per day. call for details.
    • 10am – 12:30pm
    • 1pm—3:30pm
    • 4pm – 6:30pm
    • Full Summer ( all 9 weeks )
    • Half Summer ( any consecutive 5 weeks )               
    • Any 10 days 
    • Any 20 days 
    • Any 30 days
    • Any 40 days

Early Birds discounts will be available by 5/30/2017.   Group registration ( more than 4 campers ) discounts are available Car service is available for additional cost.  Please contact us for details regarding discounts and pick ups.


CLUB REGISTRATION ( registration is OPEN on daily bases. )

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